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Supply Chain Security

Consumer protection starts in the supply chain

Supply chains have become increasingly global in the last years; they have become more complex and more unwieldly. Today it is much easier to channel counterfeit products into every point of the legal supply chain. The consequence: Trade in counterfeit goods has grown all around the world.

Product piracy has far-reaching consequences: Product counterfeits seriously endanger public health and safety as well as the reputation and economic success of companies. In addition, the state loses billions of euros of tax revenue.

Nearly all lines of business are affected by the problem of counterfeit brands and products. Whether it is car brakes, children’s toys, or sports shoes – everything that can be faked, will be faked.

Therefore, it must be ensured that products are originals. Across all business sectors, sustainable safeguarding of the supply chain with innovative traceability systems is a central concern. Effective supply chain protection must be thought out – along the entire supply chain from the supplier all the way to the consumer.

Uniform standards for everyone!

The discussions within the IISW have made it clear that security must be considered along the entire supply chain. From this, the initiative has developed five positions:

  • Stand-alone solutionsare tobeavoided
  • Interoperabilityis crucial
  • Synergyeffects across sectors are to be utilized
  • Open standards are the basis
  • Politics must create framework conditions that support innovation

The principle of the supply chain illustrated