About us


The Initiative Innovationskraft für Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft (IISW) promotes debate around the topic of safety and security for brands, products and supply chains. Companies from different lines of business – such as IT, trade, consumer products, as well as logistics and pharmaceuticals and security – are active within the IISW. Their common goal: exchanging ideas between business, politics, and research concerning the optimal conditions to increase safety through innovative solutions.

The aims of the IISW

  • The IISW promotes interdisciplinary exchange in order to make an entrepreneurial contribution to solving these problems using technical innovation. To this end, representatives from relevant and interested fields of business are to be connected to science and research.
  • The IISW supports uniform framework conditions and open technical standards. This is the only way for companies to have optimal opportunities in using innovative technologies in the area of traceability and supply chain security.
  • The IISW works out common positions to promote innovative solutions and enter into an in-depth dialog with politics about brands, product, and supply chain security. Moreover, cooperation with key stakeholders such as customs authorities, is thus further improved.

Your opportunities

To achieve these goals, the IISW aspires to bring together businesses, institutions, and experts, for whom these topics are of importance. It offers the possibility of discussing innovation and potentials for security in business with representatives from different fields of business and entering into an exchange with politics to this end. At present, companies from the areas of pharmacy, trade, consumer products, security, certification and print technologies, as well as representatives from the scientific community are already active in the initiative.

Your experience and expertise are essential to this dialog. Through the IISW you can reach a wider audience with your message, for example through guest contributions or participation as a speaker or discussant. Moreover, the IISW informs the public about its partners’ topics and projects via its own web page, regular newsletters, mailings and social media activities. Furthermore, partners are given access to related scientific studies, expert information, and events. The scope of your commitment and cooperation can be individually tailored to you and your company.

For further information, or if you have questions about opportunities for involvement in the IISW, Thomas Franke, the head of the IISW, is at your disposal.

E-mail: franke@innovationskraft.info

Telephone: +4930 555 735 79